Expert Witness and Legal Consulting


Dr. Oliver has served for over 25 years as an expert witness and legal consultant for attorneys involved in cases of Vibrio infection.  As of 2012, he has been an expert witness in 80 cases. Of these, he served as a consultant/expert for the defense in almost exactly 50% of the cases and the plaintiff for 50%.  He has served as an expert in V. vulnificus cases in over 20 different states.

As an expert with 40 years of experience with vibrios Dr. Oliver provides expert advice and testimony on all aspects of V. vulnificus, including:

  • The occurrence and ecology of V. vulnificus in shellfish
  • Approved methods for harvest, transport, storage and handling of shellfish
  • The various “post-harvest processing” methods currently employed for oyster safety
  • Appropriate restaurant procedures for the safe storage and serving of oysters
  • Information easily available to the public and to health officials; perceptions and understanding of V. vulnificus
  • Wound vs. ingestion routes of V. vulnificus infection
  • Symptoms, incubation times, and underlying risk factors for V. vulnificus infections
  • Routine medical treatment of V. vulnificus infections

As a consultant, Dr. Oliver provides the expert knowledge necessary for attorneys to best present their case.  Please contact him to discuss, in confidence, any cases he might assist with.