Vibrio vulnificus



James D. Oliver

   Professor of Biology

Bonnie E. Cone Distinguished Professor of Teaching





University of Arizona (Dept. Microbiology)                                                           1964-68      B.S.

Georgetown University (Dept. Biology)                                                                1969-73      Ph.D.




University Ottawa, Canada           

    (Post-Doctoral Fellow, Dept. Biochemistry)                                                             1973-74                      

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

    Assistant Professor                                                                                                     1974-80  

    Associate Professor                                                                                                   1980-84

    Professor                                                                                                                      1984-    

Director, Interdisciplinary Biotechnology Program                                                      1986-2003

Member, Program Faculty, Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in Biology                    1998-

Graduate Faculty, Nanoscale Science Ph.D. Program                                               2007-

    Faculty, Center for Applied Counterterrorism Studies                                             2009-

University of Göteborg, Sweden

     Visiting Professor (Sabbatical)                                                                                 1990

Duke University Marine Laboratory                                            

     Visiting Professor                                                                                                       1991, 1992

North Carolina State University

      Visiting Professor                                                                                                      1994, 1995, 1996

Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen, Denmark

      Visiting Professor                                                                                                      1998

National University of Ireland, Galway

      Visiting Professor                                                                                                      2006

University of Aberdeen, Scotland

     Visiting Professor                                                                                                       2008



Special Advisor to the Chairman, Vibrio vulnificus Committee,

     Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Commission                                                             1995             

National Science Foundation Policy Working Group on Microbial Genomics         2000

National Marine Pathogen Plan Workshop                                                                  2000    

Standard Methods Committee, American Water Works Association                      2000-

Consultant to US Government Accounting Office – evaluation of FDA and

      ISSC performance on reducing illness and death from Vibrio vulnificus.



Member, Editorial Board, Applied and Environmental Microbiology                       1988-91, 1991-93

Member, Working Party on Culture Media, International Committee on Food                   

     Microbiology and Hygiene, International Union of Microbiological Sciences.     2000-           

Consultant, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations World Health

     Organization; Risk Assessment of Vibrio vulnificus in Raw Oysters.                  2004

Member, Editorial Board, FEMS Microbiology Ecology.                                           2005-2010

Member, Working Group on Vibrio Taxonomy, Subcommittee on the Taxonomy

     of Aeromonadaceae, Vibrionaceae and related organisms, International Committee on   

     Systematics of Prokaryotes.                                                                                     2009-

Member, Editorial Board, Advanced Studies in Biology.                                           2009- 

Invited participant, Joint FAO/WHO Expert Meeting on Risk Assessment Tools

     for Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Vibrio vulnificus Associated With      

     Seafoods. Rome, Italy.                                                                                               2010

Steering Committee Member, Program Chairman, and Co-Chair, “Vibrios in the

     Environment 2010” Biloxi, MS.                                                                                  2010

Member, Editorial Board, Pathogens                                                                            2011-



            Georgetown University Predoctoral Fellowship,                                             1969-1972.

            National Research Council (Canada) Postdoctoral Fellowship,                   1973-1974.

            National Academy of Sciences Exchange Scientist (Romania),                  1982.

            First Citizens Bank Scholar Award for Excellence in Research.                  1988.      

            Elected to Fellowship, American Academy of Microbiology,                        1990.

            Elected to Phi Kappa Phi.                                                                                 1991.

            Recipient, Cone Distinguished Professorship for Teaching,                        1998   

            Burrows Welcome Fund Visiting Professor in the Microbiological Sciences, 1999

            Elected a fellow, Phi Beta Delta, Honorary Society for International Scholars, 1999

            Harshini V. de Silva Graduate Student Mentoring Award,                              2002

            First “Jay and Beverly Grimes Distinguished Lecturer”, Gulf Coast

                    Research Lab, Univ. Southern Mississippi,                                              2007     


PUBLICATIONS:   See “Dr. Oliver Vibrio vulnificus Publications”      



    Reviewer for the following national and international journals:

         a.  Estuaries

         b.  Canadian Journal of Microbiology

         c.  Infection and Immunity

         d.  Journal of Infectious Diseases

         e.  Science

         f.   Journal of Clinical Microbiology

         g.  Journal of Food Protection

         h.  Marine Technology Society Journal

         i.   Aquatic Toxicology

         j.   Marine Mammal Science         

         k.  Applied and Environmental Microbiology

         l.   Microbial Ecology

         m. FEMS Microbiology Ecology

         n.  Journal of Food Safety

         o.  World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology

         p.  Microbiology

         q.  Food Microbiology

         r.  Journal of Bacteriology   

         s.  Systematic and Applied Microbiology

         t.   Archives of Microbiology

         u.  Gene

         v.  Microbial Pathogenesis

         w. Life Sciences

         x. The Lancet

         y.  Environmental Microbiology

         z.  Biofilms

        aa. Veterinary Research

        bb. Journal of Microbiological Methods

        cc.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA)

        dd. Iranian Journal of Science & Technology

        ee.  Aquaculture

         ff.  Trends in Microbiology

        gg.  Nature Reviews Microbiology

        hh.  Food Control

          ii.  Foodborne Pathogens and Disease

          jj.  Revista Latinoamericana de Microbiology (J. Microbiology)

        kk.  Applied Microbiology

         ll.  Journal of Biological Chemistry

      mm. Reviews in Environmental Science and Bio/Technology

        nn. Environmental Microbiology

        oo. Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology

        pp. Medical Science Monitor

        qq. Journal of Applied Microbiology

         rr.  Journal of Zhejiang University-SCIENCE B


Reviewer for the following funding organizations:

         a.  University of Virginia Sea Grant Program

         b.  University of Washington Sea Grant Program

         c.  Louisiana State University Sea Grant Program

         d.  National Sea Grant College Program (NOAA)        

         e.  National Science Foundation (Biological Oceanography)

         f.   Maine Agricultural Experiment Station

         g.  Marine Biomedical Center, Duke University Marine Laboratory.

         h.  National Research Council (Army Basic Scientific Research)

         i.   National Science Foundations (Oceanographic Sciences)

         j.   North Carolina United Way

         k.  North Carolina Biotechnology Center

         l.  Texas A&M Sea Grant Program

         m. North Carolina Technological Development Authority

         n.  University of Rhode Island Sea Grant Program.

         o.  Saltonstall-Kennedy Grants Program (NOAA)

         p.  U.S. Department of Energy

         q.  National Coastal Resources Research & Development Inst.

         r.   University of Florida Sea Grant Program

         s.  The National Undersea Research Center

         t.  The Israel Science Foundation

         u.  University of Delaware Sea Grant Program

         v.  Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Program

         w.  University of Washington Sea Grant Program

         x.  State of North Carolina, Dept. Environmental Health and Natural Resources,

     Division of Marine Fisheries                  

         y.  University of Hawaii Sea Grant Program

         z.  University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Program

        aa. National Research Program for Genomic Medicine, Taiwan, China

        bb. Science Foundation Ireland

        cc. National Institutes of Health

        dd. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention



         Barbara Scotia College, Department of Biology

         Wake Forest University, Department of Biology (x3)

         Appalachian State University, Department of Biology

         Dow Chemical Co., Michigan (x3)

         University of North Carolina, Wilmington, Dept. Biology (x3)

         Johnson C. Smith University, Department of Biology

         Texas A & M University, Department of Oceanography

         University of Maryland, Department of Microbiology

         North Carolina State University, Department of Food Science

         Scripps Institute of Oceanography, Dept. of Marine Biology

         Eli Lilly and Co., Lilly Research Laboratories

         Duke University Marine Laboratory (x5)

         University of Göteborg (Sweden), Dept. General and Marine Microbiology        

         University of Stockholm (Sweden), Dept. Zoology

         University of Umeå (Sweden), Dept. Applied Molecular Biology

         University of Göteborg (Sweden), Dept. Medical Microbiology

         Lund University (Sweden), Dept. Medical Microbiology

         Technical University of Denmark (Copenhagen), Dept. of Microbiology

               Serum Institute of Denmark

         University of Aberdeen, Marischal College, Dept. Molecular and Cell Biology

         University of Aberdeen, Kings College, Dept. Medical Microbiology

         Winthrop University, Dept. Biology

         University of South Florida, Tampa, Dept. Biology

         University of Alabama, Birmingham, Dept. Microbiology

         North Carolina State University, Dept. Microbiology

         University of Hawaii, Dept. Microbiology

         Louisiana State University, Dept. Microbiology (Distinguished Lecture Series)

         University of Stockholm, Dept. Biochemistry

         Royal Veterinary and Agriculture University, Copenhagen, Dept. Veterinary                         


         Institute of Virology and Environmental Research, Oxford, England

        Royal Veterinary and Agriculture University, Copenhagen, Dept. Ecology and Molecular

               Biology (1998)

         Appalachian State University, Dept. Biology (1998)

         Michigan State University, Dept. Microbiology (1999)

         California State University Fullerton, Dept. Biological Sciences (2000)

         Center for Environmental Biotechnology, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (2000)

         University of Arizona, Dept. Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences (2000)

         Marine Resources Research Institute, S.C. Department of Natural Resources (2000)

         Marine Sciences Center, UNC Wilmington (2001)

         North Carolina A&T University, Dept. Biology (2001)

         North Carolina State University Department of Food Science (2002)

         University of Maryland Medical School, Dept. Microbiology and Immunology (2003)          

         Institute of Marine Sciences, Univ. North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2004)

         Florida Atlantic University, Dept. Biological Sciences (2005)

         University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Dept. Microbiology (2005)

         Western Carolina University, Dept. Biology (2005)

         National University of Galway, Dept. Microbiology (2006)

         Savannah River Ecology Lab (2006)

         University of Southern Mississippi (2007; Grimes Distinguished Lecture Series speaker)

         FDA Gulf Coast Seafood Lab, Dauphin Island, AL

         University of Genova, Dept. Biology (2008)

         University of Verona, Dept. Microbiology (2008)

         University of Valencia, Dept. Microbiology (2008)

         IRTA (Catelonian Research Institution for Aquaculture), Amposta, Spain (2008)

         Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science, Weymouth, England (2008)

         University of Aberdeen, Dept. Plant and Soil Sciences (2008)

         University of Umeå, Sweden (2010)

         University of Palermo, Sicily, Italy, Dept. Microbiology and Virology (2010)

         University of Delaware, Dept. Microbiology (2010)

         Baxter Healthcare, Chicago (2010)

         University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Marine Sciences (2011)

         Georgia State University, Dept. Biology (2011)



INVITED PRESENTATIONS, National/International Conferences (Recent only listed)


International Meeting of the Microbiological Society of Korea.  Invited guest speaker. “Recent studies on the human pathogen, Vibrio vulnificus”. Kangwon-do, Korea. 2005.


European Union-funded guest lecturer, Dept. Food Microbiology, University of Foggia, Italy. 2005.


Invited speaker, 1st International Conference on the Biology of Vibrios.  “Recent findings on the Vibrio vulnificus genome, and on in situ gene expression”. Ghent, Belgium. November, 2005.


Invited speaker, 2nd International Conference on the Biology of Vibrios. “Why does the C-genotype of Vibrio vulnificus cause human infection and why does the E-genotype predominate in oysters?”  Institute Pasteur, Paris, France. November, 2007.


Invited speaker, 11th Western Pacific Congress on Chemotherapy and Infectious Diseases. “Genetic and microbiological analysis of clinical and environmental Vibrio vulnificus strains”. Taipei, Taiwan. Nov-Dec. 2008.


Invited speaker, Oceans and Human Health Initiative Conference. “Ecology and Virulence of Two Vibrio vulnificus Genotypes”. Seattle, WA. Oct. 2009.


Invited panel member, Joint FAO/WHO Expert Meeting on Risk Assessment Tools for Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Vibrio vulnificus Associated With Seafoods. “Genotypes of Vibrio vulnificus and their Isolation”. Rome, Italy. 2010.


Co-chair (Ecology Session) and invited speaker, Vibrios in the Environment 2010. “Ecology and in situ gene expression of the two V. vulnificus genotypes. Biloxi, MS. November, 2010.


Invited speaker and co-chair (Ecology Session), 4th International Conference on the Biology of Vibrios. “High Salinity Drought Conditions Resulted in Loss of Vibrio vulnificus from North Carolina Waters and Oysters”. B. Froelich, T. Williams, R. Noble, and J.D. Oliver. Santiago de Compostela, Spain. November, 2011.